Going Somewhere

Hi. Hello. Hey there.

My name is Kat and I live in Denver, Colorado. I’m 30 years old and working in a job I love…

And just writing that sentence made me realize how much I structure and define my life by what I do for a living. Not in one of those hyper-career-woman ways where my job consumes my total existence and defines who I am as a person (although no shade to those people for whom this is a happy reality – key word ‘happy’) – just that I typically measure my happiness by how much I like my job. As if those 8 hours constituted a majority of my time. And I neglect to really appreciate the value of the non-work time that I have, even now as I’m on summer vacation (I work for a school district). What a revelation, eh? I guess this is why I wanted to start a blog.

This blog is about…well, actually, I guess I don’t know what this blog is about. Moving in all the directions that life takes me and all that encompasses, I suppose. The title “Moving in a Direction” isn’t to imply that I’m aimless, just that life isn’t linear and goals change and as long as I keep working toward something, whatever it is that’s inspiring me at the moment, that’s what’s important. Right now one of those goals is starting a homestead with my husband in the next couple years, preferably in the PNW. One of those goals is also working for social and environmental justice and RESISTING (even though, to be perfectly honest, I’m currently in an anxious state of compassion fatigue – a luxury my privileged identities afford me as a white, straight, cis, able-bodies, etc etc person). A goal is also to create more, make more art and learn more skills, to be CAPABLE. So…I guess I will write about those things. And other things. Heck, I don’t have any readers so I guess I can do what I want, right? 🙂 Sometimes there’s freedom in anonymity, in blending in with the crowd.

Okay. Writing this was the first step. As a luddite it will probably take me a good long while to get this blog looking and flowing as I’d like, but actually keeping up on a blog (and avoid having this one join its brethren in the Big Blog in the Sky) is a goal too, I suppose. So, in that case, talk to you later. Or talk to you soon.